2020 Virtual Cross Country is now LIVE!

2020 Virtual Cross Country is now LIVE!


 Fall XC 2020 is Now Virtual! 

NOW LIVE and open for registration, we're offering ten (10) FIYA Virtual Cross Country meets for the Fall 2020 FIYA Cross Country Season.  More details are provided on our Cross Country PageEach Virtual Cross Country Meet is posted on our website as well as FIYA's athletic.net page.  Your athletes have a period of time to register, complete the run and submit the results to FIYA.


Each meet is now OPEN for competition and all entries will close on Sunday November 8th. 

To complete the virtual run, your athletes must actually run the course that we have posted at the location indicated during the stated period of time.

FIYA Virtual XC Meets are open for participation to ALL Los Angeles elementary and middle schools, and schools are able to participate in as many as all 10 meets or as few as 1 meet as long as teams are registered prior to the deadline. Official 2020 meet locations, course maps, as well as course videos for more a better visual are also posted on our Cross Country Page



 Registration for all 2020 virtual meets is currently OPEN and officially CLOSES ON: 



We're looking forward to serving our schools and student athletes

and can't wait to see our runners' results!