Archery Playoffs

Holy Trinity - First Place


Holy Trinity is known as a football powerhouse, winning the FIYA championship this past fall. Frank Parent can dominate on the basketball court, winning their second FIYA title in March. But on Thursday both showed they are capable of more than just touchdowns and jump shots, advancing to the first ever FIYA Archery Finals.

To get there Parent had to outlast a game St. Anastasia squad, who forced a shootout with a strong performance in the singles round. After each school’s ten archers took their shot and the scores were tallied, a cheer went up from Parent who edged St. A’s 68-67.

Trinity needed a similar effort to get past St. Jerome in their own semifinal, and their depth proved too much for the Spartans to overcome.

The Finals did not disappoint, as Parent tried to avenge their one regular season loss to undefeated Trinity.  Both triples matches and each singles match were closely contested, but in the end it was Trinity who held on and claimed the FIYA Archery championship.

Congratulations to all the teams who participated this year and thanks again to our partners at the Easton Foundation for making it all possible.


Frank Parent - Second Place