2020 Girls Basketball Playoff Qualifiers

Below is a list of qualifiers for 2020 Playoffs. This will be updated nightly after the conclusion of each day's games.

2020 FIYA Girls Basketball Playoff Qualifiers


Division 1

Division 1A

LA North

1st Place - DVS

2nd Place - ESLA

3rd Place - Para Los Ninos

4th Place -  Eisner

LA South

1st Place - KAO

2nd Place - Aspire Pacific

3rd Place - MSA Bell

4th Place - CCPA Aspire


1st Place - Vaughn

2nd Place - OCS

Westside League A

1st Place - LACES

2nd Place - CITY

3rd Place - Culver Blue

4th Place - Wilder's

5th Place - Beverly Vista 8th

Westside League B

1st Place - Visitation

2nd Place - Culver White

3rd Place - WISH

4th Place - View Park

Westside League C

1st Place - Culver Silver

2nd Place - Animo Westside

3rd Place - Le Lycee

4th Place - Grace Hopper