FIYA Cross Country (XC)

UPDATED on September 17th


Welcome to FIYA Cross Country!  To learn more about our organization, click here.  If you are new to FIYA, it is especially important to take the time to review the information herein before you start competing in our cross country events.

Due to the current restrictions in place in Los Angeles County, FIYA will offer an entirely virtual 2020 cross country season!  Our virtual cross country will be FIYA’ized which means runners have to actually run the course we have laid out but they do it on their own anytime during the open competition period.  

We have designed 10 courses at various parks or recreation areas throughout Los Angeles County.  This is a great way for your school community to gather safely outdoors at beautiful locations on your own schedule, enjoy each other’s company and compete against other schools’ cross country runners through FIYA’s virtual cross country meets.

UPDATE: We now have course videos up on our YouTube channel to help give a better visual of our (3) designated courses for each location! Click here for ALL FIYA Cross Country videos or find each course video link to the right of this page and listed below with more info on each location. 






FIYA is open to ALL middle school/elementary schools.  NO High School students are allowed to compete in FIYA.  We divide the competition based on grade levels as follows:

 DIVISION 1  is 8th grade and below and runs a 2 mile course;

 DIVISION 2  is 6th grade and below and runs a 1.5 mile course;

 DIVISION 3  is 4th grade and below and runs a 1 mile course.

A student athlete can compete as part of the school team or individually if they are not enough student athletes at your school interested in competing.  All FIYA Virtual Meets require that the athletes actually run AT the designated course on your own at anytime during the open competition period.




For all of our virtual meets, the cost will be $10 per athlete per school per meet. (There is NO member or non-member costs for virtual meets). 


 If a runner participates in at least SIX (6) virtual meets: 

He/she will receive a commemorative 2020 FIYA Virtual XC T Shirt. 


 If a runner participates in ALL TEN (10) virtual meets: 

He/she will also receive a commemorative 2020 FIYA Virtual XC Medal.


Upon conclusion of the cross country season, FIYA will issue one invoice per school covering all meets that your school athletes participated.  Payment should be made after receipt of the invoice.




MONDAY SEPTEMBER 14thFirst day an athlete can compete at any virtual meet

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 8th: Last day an athlete can compete at any virtual meet

Any submissions outside the open competition period will not be certified.




THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 10th: Virtual XC meet registrations OPEN on FIYA's page

SATURDAY OCTOBER 31st: All virtual meet registrations CLOSE


If your school has not participated in FIYA Cross Country in the last two years, you will likely need to first create a free account at  See instructions below  on how to create a free account.  Once you create your account, you then need to add the FIYA cross country meets to your team calendar.  After you have added meets to your team calendar, you can then register for any of the FIYA Cross Country Meets. For VIRTUAL Cross Country meets ONLY, you need to register your athletes through Athletic App.  See the Athletic App instructions under 2020 XC Virtual Links in upper right hand of this page.  If you're unfamiliar with our registration process through please see instructions below  on how to register.  





We have designed 10 courses at various parks and recreation areas throughout Los Angeles County.  All notes on our virtual meet locations are listed below (and in our program file to the right) and all course maps can be downloaded with the links to the right as well.  Note that the addresses provided for each park is the address of the most ideal parking lot in that park (sometimes it differs from the official park address).   


NOTE: Again, there is NO particular order in which our offered virtual meets need to be competed; just as long as runner registration and race completion take place AT the course location and within the designated timeframe as noted above and in our program. 


COURSE VIDEOS: For better visuals of our virtual courses, we will also be uploading course videos to our YouTube channel and linked on this web page shortly. Please check back to this page or wait for further announcements on any of our communication platforms (social media, email, etc.) to know when these videos are published.  


COURSE 1: Columbia Park (“Columbia”)



COURSE 2: Earvin Magic Johnson Recreation Area (“Johnson”)



COURSE 3: Edward Vincent Jr Park (“Vincent”)



COURSE 4: El Dorado East Regional Park (“El Dorado”)



COURSE 5: Hansen Dam Recreation Area (“Hansen Dam”)



COURSE 6: Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area (“Hahn”)



COURSE 7: Lake Balboa/Anthony J. Beilenson Park (“Lake Balboa”)



COURSE 8: Legg Lake/Whittier Narrows Recreation Area (“Legg Lake”)



COURSE 9: Peter F. Schabarum Regional County Park (“Schabarum”)



COURSE 10: Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area (“Santa Fe”)





Upon close of the last day of the Open Competition Period, FIYA will certify all results and post the official order of finish for both teams and individuals.  FIYA reserves the sole discretion to determine whether runners completed the required course.

All virtual meets will have a team competition as well as an individual competition. **Meaning, individuals can still compete regardless if their school has enough runners to qualify as a team.**  

For the team competition: Your school must have at least 3 runners per division per gender to qualify.  For every three teams participating, we will award a team plaque.  We will award a maximum of 5 team plaques.

  • A maximum of 5 runners per school will place for team scoring purposes.
  • The team winner is determined by adding up the top 3 place finishers from the school's maximum 5 and the lowest total number wins.  
  • In the case of a tie, we use the 4th runner from the team to break the tie.
  • FOR EXAMPLE: School A has the 1st, 10th and 20th finisher and School B has the 8th, 11th and 12th finisher.  Both schools have 31 points.  School A did not have a 4th runner and School B had a 4th runner finish 25th.  In this scenario, School B would be the team winner.

For the individual competition: We award medals to the top runners in each gender division.

  • For every 5 runners, there is a medal place awarded.  
  • For example, if there are 25 runners total in a race, there are 5 medals awarded to the top 5 finishers in that gender division.

Seasonal Champion competition for Division 1 only: Starting with the 2019 FIYA Cross Country Season, we crown an official Girls Division 1 and Boys Division 1 Cross Country Champion upon the conclusion of the season. To qualify, a school must participate in at least 50% of the FIYA Cross Country meets during a season. Your team must finish in the top 5 team scores. This will be based on accumulating points at ANY FIVE of the SIX FIYA cross country meets (or as otherwise determined based on the number of meets offered in that particular season).

For D-1 Girls and D-1 Boys, your school's team will earn points if you finish in the Top 5 Team Scores of your Division at each meet as follows: 

  • 5th Place - 1 point 
  • 4th Place - 2 points 
  • 3rd Place - 3 points 
  • 2nd Place - 4 points 
  • 1st Place - 5 points 

  • If there is a tie in team scores with multiple teams for a top five finish, we will add the point totals and divide by the number of tied teams.  By way of example, if two schools tie for 2nd and 3rd place, we add the points (4 + 3) and divide by 2 so each team will be awarded 3.5 points.  

  • There is a maximum number of cross country meets for which a school team can earn points during a cross country season. The maximum number is the total number of FIYA cross country meets offered in a season minus one. In other words, if FIYA offers 5 cross country meets in a season, a school team can earn points in its four best meets (we drop the lowest score if the school team competed in all 5 meets).

  • If there is a tie in accumulated points upon conclusion of the cross country season with multiple teams, the tiebreaker will be the team that competes in the MOST FIYA cross country meets in the season wins.  If the tiebreaker does not resolve the champion, there will be co-champions.