Please read our Cross Country FAQ page below PRIOR to registering for any FIYA Cross Country Meet. This will give you a general breakdown of what to expect, how we run our program, rules and regulations, and more. 




Cross Country Registration for our 2020 Virtual Meets will OPEN on MONDAY SEPTEMBER 14th. Registration MUST be done through (which is the same registration procedure we have used for Track & Field and the 2019 XC Season).  Unfortunately, your school will NOT be able to participate in FIYA Cross Country in 2020 if it does not register online through 

So if your school has not participated in FIYA Track & Field or Cross Country in the last two years, you will likely need to first create a free account at  See instructions below on how to create a free account.  


Once you create your account, you can then register for any of the FIYA Cross Country Meets. If you're unfamiliar with our registration process through please see instructions below on how to register. 




For all of our Virtual Meets, the cost will be $10 per athlete per school per meet.  (There is NO member or non-member costs for virtual meets).  If a runner participates in six (6) virtual meets, he/she will receive a commemmorative 2020 FIYA Virtual XC T Shirt.  If a runner participates in all ten (10) virtual meets, he/she will receive a commemmorative 2020 FIYA Virtual XC Medal.  

Upon conclusion of the cross country season, FIYA will issue one invoice per school covering all meets that your school athletes participated.  Payment should be made after receipt of the invoice.




Division 3 (4th Grade and Below): 1 Mile Course

Division 2 (6th Grade and Below): 1.5 Mile Course

Division 1 (8th Grade and Below): 2 Mile Course


COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: For each FIYA meet, all of our division races are held at the same locations, modified to their distances as distinguished above. To see/download course maps for each meet this season, please view the links to the right. The 2020 Cross Country season will consist of 6 meets, and the level of difficulty for our courses will increase from the first meet to the last. Note: Typically if we have more than one meet at a specific location, each meet at said location will have a different course. 

To give our new coaches and participants a better idea, it's important to note that FIYA Cross Country courses are moderately hilly, with Cheviot Hills being our 'flattest' course last season. All of our courses are designed to fit the ideal Cross Country standard but are also age appropriate and have been reviewed by experienced Cross Country coaches. Below we've provided a brief breakdown/description of each course we've had in the past for a better understanding of what to expect for your athletes. Note: The level of difficulty will also vary depending on your athletes' training and experience. 


EDWARD VINCENT COURSE: Hilly Course, Home of the "Monster Hill" 

Community park with 55 acres of picnic areas, sport courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, playgrounds,  an amphitheater, and 3 parking lots located in Inglewood. A Moderate-to-Difficult course consisting of mostly hills and inclines. Course #1 (links to the right) refers to the course that we've typically used for our 1st meet of the season. Course #2 refers to the course we've typically run at the last meet of the season. Starts flat, on a trail the entire race, and depending on the age division, runners will be making 1-2 loops through the park. Contains what we call the "Monster Hill/Corner" which will only be used in the last meet of the season. 


KENNETH HAHN COURSE: The Bowl Loop, 'Traditional' Cross Country Course 

A traditional Cross Country experience, Kenneth Hahn is a beautiful LA park full of great trail running. For our course, we use "The Bowl Loop" which is located at the top half of the park (past the main entrance, follow the road all the way until you make it up the big hill). An Easy-to-Moderate course, The Bowl Loop has both flats and hills with a 48 ft. elevation gain all taking place on an actual, paved trail. The course map included to the right is a new variation that refers to the course we ran at the 5th meet of the 2019 season. Kenneth Hahn is a FIYA/fan favorite in our Cross Country program. Fun Fact: The Bowl is where many movie/TV scenes have been filmed including the Teletubbies intro! Note: Parking is VERY limited where The Bowl is located, so most spectators will have to park in the lower lots and walk up the big hill to get to the course (See Parking Map in links on the right). 


CHEVIOT HILLS COURSE: Golf Course, Our Flattest Course and Mostly on Grass 

The Cheviot Hills Rec Center is a great Westside LA park full facilities and runs alongside the Rancho Park Golf Course. This is typically considered our flattest/ "easiest" meet of the season being an Easy-Moderate course that takes place mostly on grass with some road trails. This meet has the most changes in courses for our various age divisions. Aside from having the same starting and finish lines, Division 1 runs two full 1-mile loops back to start, Division 2 runs half the loop trail + one full loop back to start, and Division 3 runs one full 1-mile loop. This is a great "beginner's" course to Cross Country and is perfect for ALL of our elementary/middle school teams. This is also typically our largest meet of the season. 






All meets have a team competition as well as an individual competition. **Meaning, individuals can still compete regardless if their school has enough runners to qualify as a team.**  


  • For the team competition: Your school must have at least 3 runners per division per gender to qualify.  For every three teams participating, we will award a team plaque.  We will award a maximum of 5 team plaques.
    • A maximum of 5 runners per school will place for team scoring purposes.
    • The team winner is determined by adding up the top 3 place finishers from the school's maximum 5 and the lowest total number wins.  
    • In the case of a tie, we use the 4th runner from the team to break the tie.  
    • For example: School A has the 1st, 10th and 20th finisher and School B has the 8th, 11th and 12th finisher.  Both schools have 31 points.  School A did not have a 4th runner and School B had a 4th runner finish 25th.  In this scenario, School B would be the team winner.


  • For the individual competition: We award medals to the top runners in each gender division.
    • For every 5 runners, there is a medal place awarded.  
    • For example, if there are 25 runners total in a race, there are 5 medals awarded to the top 5 finishers in that gender division.


  • Seasonal Champion competition for Division 1 onlyStarting with the 2019 FIYA Cross Country Season, we crown an official Girls Division 1 and Boys Division 1 Cross Country Champion upon the conclusion of the season. To qualify, a school must participate in at least 50% of the FIYA Cross Country meets during a season. Your team must finish in the top 5 team scores. This will be based on accumulating points at ANY FIVE of the SIX FIYA cross country meets (or as otherwise determined based on the number of meets offered in that particular season).
    • For D-1 Girls and D-1 Boys, your school's team will earn points if you finish in the Top 5 Team Scores of your Division at each meet as follows: 
      • 5th Place - 1 point 

        4th Place - 2 points 

        3rd Place - 3 points 

        2nd Place - 4 points 

        1st Place - 5 points 

    • If there is a tie in team scores with multiple teams for a top five finish, we will add the point totals and divide by the number of tied teams.  By way of example, if two schools tie for 2nd and 3rd place, we add the points (4 + 3) and divide by 2 so each team will be awarded 3.5 points.  
    • There is a maximum number of cross country meets for which a school team can earn points during a cross country season. The maximum number is the total number of FIYA cross country meets offered in a season minus one. In other words, if FIYA offers 5 cross country meets in a season, a school team can earn points in its four best meets (we drop the lowest score if the school team competed in all 5 meets).
    • If there is a tie in accumulated points upon conclusion of the cross country season with multiple teams, the tiebreaker will be the team that competes in the MOST FIYA cross country meets in the season wins.  If the tiebreaker does not resolve the champion, there will be co-champions.




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