2019 Division 1 - Westside League B

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Division 1 Flag Football – Westside League B

AS OF 10/29/18


Mark Twain                                                     Ocean

Crozier                                                           KIPP Scholar

Visitation                                                        Century Academy (CAFE)

New West                                                       



Wednesday September 19th @ Frank Parent

4 PM  Frank Parent (League C)  v  Visitation*

5 PM  Libertas (League C)  v  KIPP Scholar

Thursday September 20th @ Crozier

4 PM  Animo WS Green (League C) v  Crozier*

5 PM  WISH (League C)  v  Ocean*


Friday September 21st @ Mark Twain

4 PM  Inglewood (League C)  v  Mark Twain*

5 PM  Larchmont (League C)  v  CAFÉ*



Thursday October 18th @ Crozier

4 PM  KIPP Scholar (W) v  Crozier

5 PM  New West (W)  v  Ocean


Friday October 19th @ Mark Twain

4 PM  Visitation (W)  v  Mark Twain

5 PM  New West  v  CAFE (W)


Thursday September 27th @ Crozier

4 PM  New West (W)  v  Crozier


Friday September 28th @ Mark Twain

4 PM  KIPP Scholar  v  CAFÉ (W)

5 PM  Ocean  v  Mark Twain (W)



Thursday October 25th @ Crozier

4 PM  KIPP Scholar (W) v  New West

5 PM  Crozier (W) v  Ocean


Friday October 26th @ Mark Twain

5 PM  CAFE v  Visitation (W)



Wednesday October 3rd @ Frank Parent

5 PM  Visitation (W) v  KIPP Scholar


Friday October 5th @ Mark Twain

4 PM  Mark Twain  v  KIPP Scholar (W)

5 PM  Visitation (W)  v  New West



Tuesday October 30th @ Mark Twain

4:15 PM  Mark Twain (W)  v  Crozier



Thursday November 1st @ Crozier

4 PM  Crozier  v  Visitation (W)


Friday November 2nd @ Mark Twain

4 PM  Mark Twain (W)  v  New West

5 PM  CAFE (W) v  Ocean



Wednesday October 10th @ Frank Parent

4 PM  Ocean  v  KIPP Scholar (W)


Thursday October 11th @ Crozier

4 PM  Crozier  v  CAFE (W)



Friday October 12th @ Mark Twain

4 PM  CAFE v  Mark Twain (W)

5 PM  Ocean  v  Visitation (W)




* Non-League Game does not count in standings

Frank Parent: 5354 W 64th St, Inglewood, CA 90302

Crozier: 120 W Regent St, Inglewood, CA 90301

Mark Twain: 2224 Walgrove Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066