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Be a Part of a Bigger Future in Youth Sports! 


Dear FIYA Families, Friends, & Members of the FIYA Community, 

We wish you and yours all the best and good health, but most impotantly and as our Holiday video from this year above states, we'd like to say Thank You. Thank You for your tireless support of your student athletes, schools, and our community as a whole throughout these seven-going-on-eight years of FIYA sports. Each year, we're proud to say, FIYA continues to see an increase in the number of schools who enter sports teams into our core programs. Clearly, there is a demand for interscholastic sports at this level and we are blessed to be serving our schools and fulfilling our mission in Strengthening Schools Through Sports. In the spirit of giving this holiday season, we ask for your kind consideration to make a difference in our Foundation for Interscholastic Youth Athletics. 


As a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, FIYA looks to any and all means of support to help maintain the quality care and services our organization provides for all of our youth student athletes and involved members of our community.  Not only do we serve our community through FIYA athletic programs, competitions, and other experiences, but in following our visions and mission, we're helping schools in economically disadvantaged areas of Los Angeles to develop their school's athletic programs. We wish to establish, build, and develop more accessible athletic platforms for these schools' students so they may experience the values, education, and physical activity that come with participating in school athletics.


Whether you're a parent or relative of one of our athletes, or a foundation willing to join forces with us, we're open arms to anyone who wants to contribute and make a difference in this community, our Los Angeles elementary and middle schools, and our youth sports culture altogether. If you're passionate about a specific sport, please consider getting involved in one of our upcoming 2019-2020 programs:



+ Girls Volleyball (Fall 2019)

+ Boys & Girls Cross Country (Fall 2019)

+ Boys Flag Football (Fall 2019) 

+ Girls Flag Football (Fall 2019) 



+ Girls Basketball (Winter 2019)

+ Boys Basketball (Winter 2019)

+ Co-Ed Ping Pong (Winter 2019) 



+ Spirit Competiton (Spring 2020)

+ Boys Volleyball (Spring 2020)

+ Boys/ Girls Futsal - Indoor Soccer (Spring 2020) 

+ Boys/ Girls Track & Field (Spring 2020) 

+ Boys Soccer (Spring 2020) 

+ Girls Soccer (Spring 2020) 



+ FIYA's Fund for our schools in need 

+ FIYA Feature Stories & Videos 

+ FIYA's Club 212 for Coaches (Starting in Fall 2019) 

+ Free FIYA Educational Clinics for: 

  • Schools
  • Coaches / Athletic Directors / PE Teachers 
  • Student-Athletes 
  • Parents


Visit the links to the rightor among all else, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to our FIYA Fundraiser (located below). 



When we think of how this organziation stands today, we never think solely of our founders or the operating FIYA Team, but everyone; every school, every student, every coach, athletic director, and all of YOU: our donors, sponsors, partners, and every person who has contributed or has been involved in the efforts of our foundation. By giving back to our organization, you become a part of something bigger by joining FIYA, our coaches / teachers / mentors, and participating schools in its mission and commitment to positively serve our Los Angeles youth. 

We genuinely rely on this unity and believe that TOGETHER, we can help develop our Los Angeles schools and grow students into leaders for years to come! 


On behalf of the FIYA Community, thank you for your kind and generous consideration and for even taking the time to read this. Whether you are able to give or not, know we deeply appreciate your dedication to your students, schools, and FIYA, and your efforts do not go unnoticed. 


Best Wishes,  

- John Mueller, Executive Director & The FIYA Team



We believe that donating or sponsoring a charitable cause can be very personal, having purpose and significance both for our organization but also for our donor. In that spirit, FIYA has various ways in which you can donate to your most desired preference!

Check out the links on the right to see which means of donating you're most interested in. Keep in mind the sports programs also inlcuded to the right are our most recent / upcoming seasons we need immediate help with! 



If you would like to learn more on how to become a sponsor of the FIYA organization as a whole or learn more on sponsoring via one of the opportunies listed below, please do not hesitate to email Publicity & Communications Coordinator

The following are just a brief breakdown of some of the sponsorship / partnership opportunities for our outer-community partners and donors! 

1. Sponsor a Sports Program or Help Develop a New Program

Whether you're passionate about a specific sport, have a child who participates in FIYA, or are interested in further developing one of our athletic programs, FIYA is open to all sponsorship opportunities and inquires for our various departments for both boys and girls: Cross Country, Volleyball, Flag Football, Basketball, Table Tennis, Soccer & Futsal, Track & Field, Archery, and Golf. In it's vision, FIYA seeks to provide as many athletic opportunities to the students we serve so that every child has the chance to participate in sports in regardless of their skill level, prior experiences, resources, or background.

Our links to the right will take you to each specific sports programs' needs, but if you're interested in helping build and develop a sport we cannot currently offer because of funding, we would very much be interested in partnering with you to bring that program to life in our organization! 

Your generous donation would go towards: necessary equipment and services for the program, access to multiple venues/fields/gyms to accommodate for our various zip codes and regional leagues, online tools for running and operating our leagues, championship team trophies, individual medals, FIYA shirts for our participants, and various additional opportunities for our participating student athletes and coaches. 

Have your name or logo featured on our participant t-shirts, website, our social and other media assets, our featured videos, and displayed in our gyms, fields, and venues (where appropriate) to show our appreciation and your contribution to the entire FIYA community. Among all else, your name will be associated with the growth of our foundation, the well being of our student athletes, contribute to the positive youth sports culture embedded within FIYA, and join us in our mission to strengthen our Los Angeles elementary and middle schools through sports. 

If you're interested or have an idea on how you’d like to get involved with sponsoring our sports programs, please don’t hesitate to email Publicity & Communications Coordinator!

2. Sponsor a Field / Court / Venue

All of our venues / fields are home to either a FIYA participating school or Los Angeles local park, many of which cannot afford the costs of maintenance, up-keeping, or development. Our organization would be honored and grateful to partner with a generous sponsor to help upgrade our schools’ and various Los Angeles locations’ facilities.

Our schools and public fields are home to many events, activities, communal gatherings, and even other organizations whose efforts we’d love to celebrate by providing improvements, safety, and proactive environmental efforts and assets for their homes. 

Whether it be donating trash / compost / recycling bins, spectator seating, new court, grass, or turf installation, or anything in between, we know your efforts would go a long way for our community and beyond. Not only would you be contributing to the FIYA programs and our community, but you would be making an even bigger impact for these specific local and school communities for years to come! If you have any questions or are interested, please email Publicity & Communications Coordinator

3. Sponsor a School Team in Need 

As part of the FIYA vision, you can help make it possible for us to assist our Los Angeles youth and schools of underserved and economically disadvantaged communities by sponsoring a team in need. Many of these schools have students eager and ready to play in FIYA sports, but do not have the athletic programs, resources, or funds to do so.

At FIYA, we do our best to accompany these schools along with our services to the programs themselves to ensure an equal sports opportunity for these deserving schools and students. Sponsorships would help us cover: their referee fees, school/team uniforms, individual players’ equipment such as shin guards or cleats for soccer, coaching and practicing materials, and even safe places to hold their practices if they do not have space on their campus.

Without access to these necessary funds and materials, we’ve noticed many of our sports are difficult for many schools to provide for their athletic programs. Some schools even have to combine their boys and girls into one team which competes in the boys division not because they don’t have enough players but because: their students cannot afford to play individually, they cannot hire a coach, or they cannot afford to have multiple teams.

Please consider helping FIYA fulfill its vision in re-building and strengthening these schools’ sports programs by sponsoring a team and you will see just how big of an impact you can make on these young athletes’ lives! If you’d like to learn more or are interested, please email our Publicity & Communications Coordinator



If you have experience in coaching, athletics, health & wellness, youth development, or simply want to volunteer for a good cause, please reach out to us and see how you can get involved!

Volunteer by Sport: Located to the right of this page are a list of links to our individual sports programs and ways in which you can get involved based on a specific sport! Every sport in our organization has its own set of needs. So if you have experience in or are passionate about a specific sport we offer, have a child who participates in one, or are just interested in helping build and develop one of our individual programs, please check it out! 

Generally FIYA is always looking for more partnership opportunities with anyone from athletes to coaches, trainers, health professionals, to other sports, youth, health & wellness-related figures who together, can help FIYA provide more workshops, trainings, presenations, and other related opportunities for our underserved schools and student athletes!

Contact our Communications & Publicity Coordinator at if you're interested or think you can positively contribute to our community! We'd love to hear your ideas and what you can bring to our organization. 



Donate your car, boat, truck, RV, Jet Ski or snowmobile to FIYA and receive a tax deduction!  This no cost, no hassle process begins when you contact our fundraising partner at 877-227-7487 x 3147.  Or you can click Donate Car to the right to donate online now.  It is extremely simple and you have the satisfaction of knowing your vehicle donation helps support interscholastic sports for Los Angeles elementary and middle schools.


*Visit the tab on the left or click HERE to learn more on our Vehicle Donation Program! 




If you would like to donate specific needed materials for our individual sports programs or organization as a whole, check out our Amazon Page and every purchase will go straight to the FIYA headquarters.

Simply check out the public "FIYA Wish List" on our page or the various lists for each particular sport we offer (for example: we are about to tip off into our 2019 Basketball Season and need your help donating equipment for our teams), and purchase an item of your choice that you would like to donate today!

NOTE: We've just recently added this page to our fundraising efforts, and are so excited to use this feature to invest in better quality materials and equipment for our schools and student athlete participants. Check back to this page at a later time if our list does not have any more items available for purchase. (Which would be a FANTASTIC thing!) 




Support FIYA by making your Amazon purchases on Amazon Smile! Start at and Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases. Every bit goes a long way!


Under "Pick your own charitable organization:" TYPE "Foundation for Interscholastic Youth Athletics" and your donation will be received after you shop! 




You can now even support FIYA through your own personal online shopping! When you need to go online to make a personal purchase, you can do so through the FLIPGIVE Site which most likely will have the brand or company you need to make a purchase with, and after making that purchase through our link, FIYA's Team Page will receive cash back!

















A little bit goes a long way, so help us reach our goal, and check out this huge list at of all the stores you can make these purchases with to contribute!




If you would like to make a one-time or monthly donation to FIYA,  please click the "Donate" button below.



Donate Here!