FIYA Sportsmanship Awards



In addition to our pre-game pledge, FIYA awards one team per league in every league sport (volleyball, flag football, basketball, soccer) with a Team Sportsmanship Award as determined by the league's votes. Each coach / team from our participating regional leagues is allowed one vote for one team of their choice whom they felt best represented the words of the pledge and demonstrated good sportsmanship consistnently and evidently throughout the regular season.


We feel that as a youth sports organization, it's our social responsiblity to help promote a positive sports culture for our participants and our youth altogether. Our sportsmanship pledge and awards serves as just two of the ways that we remind our competitiors and their fans on how to act appropriately.


The way we play and the way we act always leaves an impression on our opposing team and all parties involved.  Behaviors (before, during, and directly after) gametime, good or bad, reflect the characters of our athletes, coaches, and fans, and most importantly they are also a direct reflection of your school community as a whole. Please continue to represent your schools with pride and remember that every person's actions contribute to the experiences we provide through sports for our kids.


We believe school sports are an incredible opportunity for students and their adult leaders to positively showcase their schools, and also a unique way to enhance the educational experience as a whole for our growing children. That is the type of experience we see and wish to continue to see as a result from participating in FIYA. 


We thank you in advance for helping us achieve our goal of "Strengthening Schools Through Sports" by adhering to the spirit and words of the FIYA Pledge.