FIYA Sportsmanship Pledge



"I pledge to always show respect to my teammates, opponents, coaches, and the officials; to show good sportsmanship in both winning and losing; and to compete to the best of my abilities at all times." 



We thank you in advance for helping us achieve our goal of "Strengthening Schools Through Sports" by adhering to the spirit and words of the FIYA Pledge.


Before each FIYA game both teams join together at center court or midfield and recite the above pledge together as one. More than just words on a banner, the sentiments expressed in the pledge represent the manner in which all FIYA participants - players, coaches, and fans - are expected to comport themselves.  At FIYA we believe it is of paramount importance that all participants in any youth sports league maintain a proper perspective and attitude towards competition and winning in order for the children to have the best experience possible through which they can learn valuable lessons that will travel with them long after they leave the playing field. See the full FIYA Sportsmanship Pledge in action, being recited by both teams before a girls volleyball match here



Whether you're new to FIYA or a returning school participant, check out our video above to see the FIYA Sportsmanship Pledge in full effect and to get a deeper understanding why its words and symbolism are important to us and our community.