REGISTRATION for Winter Basketball is NOW OPEN!

Open to all Los Angeles Elementary & Middle Schools, both for boys and girls divisions.




Girls Basketball - Registration for Girls Basketball is NOW OPEN and CLOSES on Monday, November 26.  

Boys Basketball - Registration for Boys Basketball is NOW OPEN and also CLOSES on Monday, November 26.


FIYA offers interscholastic basketball leagues open to all Los Angeles elementary and middle schools. 



Before you register, please read and consider the factors below including our expectations for our school participants: 



- We organize leagues based on factors such as: geography, grade level and skill level. 

- Division 1 is for 8th grade and below and Division 2 is for 6th and below. 

- Each school team will play 7 to 8 regular season games.  

- Playoffs are only for Division 1, no playoffs for Division 2 leagues.  

- Approx. League Calendar:

- Mandatory Coaches Meeting on December 10th 

- Regular Season will Start the week of January 7th, 2019 

- Regular Season will End Friday, March 1st

-Playoffs will be March 4-15th  

- FIYA basketball games occur in gymnasiums at centralized facilities during the weekdays between the hours of 4 pm and 8 pm. If your school has a gym or access to a gym, we are always open to and in need of gymnasiums to host our games. We are certainly open to considering any gyms so long as they work within the parameters of our business model. 

Please contact John Mueller at or Nick Galvan at if your gym is interested or available! 

Visit our registration page on the website and complete the online registration for basketball to secure your spot in our program. 




1. Mandatory coaches' meetings for our basketball programs.  A representative of your school needs to attend the FIYA meeting in the region where your school team will play.  If your school cannot send a representative to attend the mandatory coaches meeting, we suggest you seriously consider NOT registering a basketball team for your school. This is when all important factors, information, dates, participation standards, league operations, regulations, etc. are reviewed and it would be extremely difficult to have your team in the know and effectively communicating with us and the rest of your league if you cannot send a rep. 


*The dates and locations of such meetings will be shared on a later day.* 


2. Sportsmanship: FIYA's mission is to positively "Strengthen Schools Through Sports" and the following concerns shape FIYA’s vision and are important for our participants to also keep in mind:

1. While youth sports are popular and youth sports organizations are plentiful, many youth are still being left behind because such organizations cater to the more skilled athlete

2. Youth sports have become highly specialized and one dimensional with special emphasis placed on physical skills and winning

3. The number of youth participating in school related programs is decreasing and childhood obesity and gang activity is increasing

4. The element of fun and the benefits of proper instruction for coach and player alike are often missing in youth sports.

Keeping these vital factors in mind, FIYA has high expectations for our coaches, school representatives, spectators, and student athletes. Not only do we expect fair, friendly, and positively compeittive play at our games from our student-athletes, but also expect all parents, fans, and other spectators to maintain proper and positive sportsmanship when attending our athletic events. See our FIYA pledge pronounced before every game to see what our players preach before they step on the court. 

*Spectators who consistently do not behave up to FIYA standards at competitions will unfortunately lead to termination from attending any FIYA related events. So PLEASE be at your best to uphold our values, expectations, and remind your individual school communities of such standards and how their behaviors are representations of your school as well. 


3. Positive Coaching: We recognize that coaching experience and requirements vary from school to school, but regardless of your background or coaching abilities, we expect all of our coaches to remember they also serve as crucial mentors for their young athletes. At a time where these youths are growing personally, intellectually, and physically, it's especially imporant at this critical age for our coaches to uphold themselves to the highest standard when leading their school's team and ultimately and consequently being role models to their participants. FIYA exists solely for the kids, for their well-being, and for them to take away postive experiences from their school athletics that will carry them forward into the rest of their lives.

Do not take your role as a coach lightly, you are a leader both on and off our courts, and we expect you to be a positive example, both at our games and privately within your practices, of what a coach should be. 

**Whether you are a first time coach or an ex-professional athlete, FIYA has provided FREE resources for you to educate yourselves not just on how to coach your specific sport, but also how to promote team bonding/chemsitry, cultivate leadership, educate athletes on healthy lifestyles, and much much more that we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE our coaches to take the time and utilize for the upcoming seasons!

Visit to access our Pinterest boards full of these tools and resources as well as the multitude of coaching resources and opportunities from our partners at Positive Coaching Alliance


*Coaches who consistently do not behave up to FIYA standards at competitions will unfortunately lead to termination from coaching any FIYA related sports. So PLEASE be at your best to uphold our values, expectations, and remind yourselves constantly that you are an active represenation of your school community. 


4. Communication: In order to ensure quality care for our teams and to keep our leagues functioning smoothly and positively, we MUST have all school representatives and coaches on the same page, cooperating with the FIYA team, and following the same criteria / guidelines on which our programs are founded.

We expect our coaches and school representatives to provide their game scores, notify us ahead of time on anything from schedule changes, team forfeits, and respond to any other important information asked by the FIYA Team throughout the season and are expect to be done so by their deadlines accordingly.

We believe there is never such thing as over-communication, so if you ever have questions or concerns please bring them to our attention and thoroughly commuincate with us throughout the season. 


5. Your Contribution to FIYA: As a nonprofit, FIYA relies tremendously on the efforts of its every moving parts including: the FIYA Operating Team, our schools, our coaches, administrators, volunteers, student athletes, sponsors, partners, and donors. 

In that same spirit we fully expect active participation, involvement, and following the same criteria / guidelines on which our programs are founded from all of our participants.

Our student athletes and community are the fore-focus of our organization, and we expect all of our school representatives to respect that and be fully proactive in our efforts.

We call this our #togetherFIYA movement and remind our community that our organization is what it is today because of our unified efforts and commitment to serving these Los Angeles students and schools. 


Thank you for your interest or continued participation in FIYA Sports, and we look forward to having you a part of this year's basketball season!