as of December 11, 2017

If your school is interested in registering for FIYA Soccer (11 v 11) and/or FIYA Futsal (5 v 5 indoor) for the 2018 Spring season, please register each school team separately by completing the online form under Related Links.  FIYA Soccer is for Division 1 (8th grade and below) and Division 2 (6th grade and below) whereas FIYA Futsal is for Division 2 (6th grade and below) and Divison 3 (4th grade and below).  The deadline to complete registration is Friday March 2, 2018.  Teams that register after March 2 will be placed on the wait list.  The soccer/futsal season will start the week of April 2 and end in late May.  Upon registering online, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your registration.  By March 18, you should receive a draft soccer/futsal schedule.  Your soccer/futsal coach should calendar the week of March 19 to attend a mandatory coaches meeting whereby the soccer/futsal schedule will be finalized with all the coaches from the league.  Failure to attend this meeting is not acceptable.  We will endeavor to notify you of the exact date and location of the mandatory coach meeting as soon as possible.  The cost to participate is $535 for nonmember schools and $495 for member schools.  To become a member school, your school needs to complete the FIYA Membership Registration which can also be found under Related Links.  You need only complete one membership registration for the school calendar year.

FIYA Membership Registration

as of August 25, 2017

For the 2017-18 school year, we will offer FIYA Membership.  This online registration for FIYA membership is now available.  Click on the link to the left on the Registration page.

FIYA Membership is voluntary and costs $100 per school for the entire school year.  FIYA Membership, among other things, entitles schools to a discounted rate ($495 per team versus $535 per team).  You only need to regiter for FIYA Membership if your school wants FIYA Membership benefits.

If your school does not desire FIYA Membership at this time, please skip the FIYA membership registration. You may register for whatever sport your school is interested by clicking on the appropriate links to the left on the registration page.

Registration for FIYA Cross Country Meets in 2017

as of September 11, 2017

Please look at the cross country page of our website to see the current schedule of cross country meets.  Located under Related Links on this Registration Page, you will find the Cross Country Registration form to be used for registering your school athletes in any of the FIYA cross country meets.

Look for the date/location of the Cross Country meet that your school wishes to enter (all 4 meets are listed on the one document).  Please complete the number of athletes you plan to enter based on the gender and the division level (if you do not have accurate numbers a general estimate is fine).  As a reminder, Division 1 is for 8th grade and below and athletes in Division 1 run the 2 mile course; Division 2 is for 6th grade and below and athletes in Division 2 run the 1.5 mile course and Division 3 is for 4th grade and below and athletes in Division 3 run the 1 mile course.

FIYA requests receipt of the registration form at least 48 hours prior to the date of the meet for which your school plans to attend.  Please attach the completed (and saved) spreadsheet document to an email and send the email to  Your school may bring payment to the meet in the form of cash or check (all checks payable to FIYA).  If you wish to pay by credit card, please do so before the date of the meet.  There is a $15 credit card processing fee.  Upon conclusion of the cross country season, we can settle accounts based on the number of runners from your school who actually participated in the meet(s).  Note that the form contains a FIYA member rate and a FIYA nonmember rate.  In order to obtain the FIYA member rate, your school must complete a FIYA Membership Registration form for the 2017-18 school year.