2020-21 Ping Pong Tournaments

NOTE REGARDING COVID-19: We are planning for a full year of FIYA sports in 2020-2021, but it is subject to change and revisions may be implemented based on any government restrictions or other issues related to COVID-19. Consequently, all previously scheduled ping pong tournaments are on hold until further notice.  


Please check back to this page shortly for more updates and important information regarding our future ping pong tournaments and events. Feel free to email us at with any questions or interests! 




If you or any of your students are new to ping pong but are interested in participating, check out the "Ping Pong Resources" link to the right and other practice ideas / tips at the bottom of this page to help get you started and prepared for our upcoming tournaments! We love seeing new students participating in FIYA sports and hope that this offering brings that opportunity. Looking forward to it! 




Similar to our Cross Country program, in FIYA Ping Pong, students are able to compete on behalf of their school as independent athletes or as part of a team. Please read details below. 


  • Open to ALL students 5th Grade – 8th Grade, with entry limited
    • COST: $10/participant for FIYA Member schools, $12.50/participant for non-member schools. Payment can be made on day of event.


  •  FORMAT: 
    • RULES: Our Ping Pong Tournament Rules and how we run our events can be found in the links to the right under "Ping Pong Information". Please make sure to check it out prior to the day of the tournament so you can prepare your student-athletes accordingly. 
    • INDIVIDUAL: Pool play followed by tournament bracket. Each player guaranteed three games. Exact format TBD based on participation numbers. If sufficient numbers, participants will be broken up into Boys/Girls & D-1/D-2
    • TEAM: No separate team competition, but team points can be earned based on individual results. A team consists of three players from a school; for a school with more than 3 only their top 3 finishers count towards team score. A point is earned for each round advanced in championship tournament play with a bonus point awarded to the final champion.
    • AWARDS: Awards will be given to top team and individual finishers based on number of participants.


As part of our vision, we're grateful to be offering an additional sport to our student athletes to explore because we believe every child should have the equal opportunity to participate in school sports, regardless of their athletic background or skill-level. Every child deserves to excell inside and outside of the classroom, and we recognize FIYA is fortunate to be one of the platforms for them to do so. GET PRACTICING and we look forward to seeing you there!




Register today at or click "Registration" from the menu above!


Now announcing FIYA's latest sports offering, PING PONG! 

As part of our mission and commitment in offering a variety of sports for our student athletes, FIYA hosted its very first Ping Pong tournament this March of 2019!


WE HAD A BLAST AT THIS YEAR'S TOURNAMENT! Thanks to all who came out and participated. See the full article include the winners from this year's Ping Pong Tournament HERE




See all PHOTOS from the Ping Pong Tournament on our Facebook Page HERE


Special thanks to FIYA school participant, Le Lycee for hosting and helping run our 1st tournament in 2019 and thanks to our sponsors for making this new program possible!





If you're a student athlete, parent, or coach/ school administrator interested in participating and are new to the Ping Pong sport: 


Check out our FIYA Ping Pong Pinterest Board HERE for video tutorials, exercises, strategies, forms, lessons, tips, practice drills, rules, and MORE to prepare for our upcoming tournament! It's a very discipline and strategic game, so we highly recommend getting your practice time in beforehand so you're prepared for the day of the tournament!





Here are just two examples of videos you can find on our Pinterest Page: 



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