FIYA Track & Field General Rules


a)  FIYA will be utilizing electronic timing at all five meets.  School teams cannot just show up on the day of the meet and participate.  That is, all teams must pre-register.

b)  In order to participate in any of the five meets, school representatives will need to register their teams online.  The registration for each meet will CLOSE about 24 hours prior to the date of the meet.  If an athlete is NOT pre registered, he/she CANNOT participate.  

c)  If a team or athlete shows up to any of the FIYA track meets and has not specifically registered online for any of those meets, he/she will NOT be allowed to participate.  

d)  Fees - there are two fees:  The athlete fee is $12.50 per athlete per meet for nonmember schools and $10 per athlete per meet for member schools.  (If your school has completed a membership fee on our registration page for $100 for the 2017-18 school year for $100 then your school is a member school.)  In addition, our track meets have an adult spectator fee of $5 per adult per meet.  An adult is anyone 18 years of age or over.  For the athletes, by registering them online, we will have a bib number for them.  You only pay for the bib numbers pre-registered.  This means that you cannot add bib numbers on the day of the meet and it means you cannot get refunds for unused bib numbers.

e)  NEW! Meet results are posted LIVE on during and after the meet "unofficially". You can share this link with spectators and participants during the meet to see immediate scores and times. Following each meet, we will share those "unofficial" results to our Track & Field coaches who will then have 24 hours from when we post the results to raise concerns. Thereafter, it is passed the deadline and results will stand as they are. Upon reviewing the unofficial results, if a coach has any discrepancies, please email Executive Director John Mueller at

FIYA Track and Field meets consist of six divisions:  

(1) Division 1 Boys                                    (4) Division 1 Girls

(2) Division 2 Boys                                    (5) Division 2 Girls

(3) Division 3 Boys                                    (6) Division 3 Girls

*Division 1 is for 8th grade and below

*Division 2 is for 6th grade and below

*Division 3 is for 4th grade and below



1.     1600 Meter - D2 Girls and D2 Boys, D1 Girls and D1 Boys (Waterfall)

2.     4 X 100 Meter relay - D3 Girls, D3 Boys, D2 Girls, D2 Boys, D1 Girls, D1 Boys

3.     400 Meter - D3 Girls, D3 Boys, D2 Girls, D2 Boys, D1 Girls, D1 Boys

4.     50 Meter (D3 only on opposite side of 100 M at same time)

5.     100 Meter - D2 Girls, D2 Boys, D1 Girls, D1 Boys

6.     800 Meter - D3 Girls and D3 Boys (Waterfall)

7.     100 Meter Final - D2 Girls, D2 Boys, D1 Girls, D1 Boys

8.     800 Meter - D2 Girls and D2 Boys, D1 Girls and D1 Boys (Waterfall)

9.     200 Meter - D2 Girls, D2 Boys, D1 Girls, D1 Boys

10.  4 X 200 Meter relay - D2 Girls, D2 Boys, D1 Girls, D1 Boys (Two turn stagger)  4 x 2 will run at the first 2 FIYA track meets only.

11.  4 X 400 Meter relay – D2 Girls, D2 Boys, D1 Girls, D1 Boys (Two turn stagger)  4 x 4 will be run at the last 3 FIYA track meets only.



·      Long Jump – D-1 Girls (starts upon conclusion of coach meeting), D-1 Boys, D-2 Girls, D-2 Boys

·      Turbo Javelin –D-2 Boys (starts upon conclusion of coach meeting), D-2 Girls, D-1 Boys, D-1 Girls, D-3 Boys, D-3 Girls

·      Shot Put – D-2 Girls, D-2 Boys, D-1 Girls, D-1 Boys (Pit opens upon conclusion of 4 x 100 meter relays)



  • For each individual FIYA Track & Field Meet, trophies will be given to the Top 3 school teams per meet for Division 1 Boys, Division 1 Girls, Division 2 Boys, Division 2 Girls.
    • For Division 3, there is no team scoring. Ribbons will be distributed in every D-3 event to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishers and the rest will receive participant ribbons.
    • For Division 1 and Division 2, Top 6 finishers in each event will score 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 & 1 points for their teams respectively.
      • Remember that an athlete may win their individual heat but not be in the overall Top 6 finishers.
      • Conversely, an athlete could finish in 2nd or below in his/her heat and still be a Top 6 finisher.
    • The Top 4 finishers in each Division 1 and Division 2 event will receive customized ribbons later in the season.


  • NEW! Starting with the 2019 FIYA Track & Field Season, we crown an official Girls Division 1 and Boys Division 1 Track and Field Champion upon the conclusion of the season. To qualify, a school must participate in at least 50% of the FIYA Track & Field meets during a season. Your team must finish in the top 5 team scores. This will be based on accumulating points at ANY FOUR of the FIVE FIYA track meets (or as otherwise determined based on the number of meets offered in that particular season). For D-1 Girls and D-1 Boys, your school's team will earn points if you finish in the Top 5 Team Scores of your Division at each meet as follows: 

5th Place - 1 point 

4th Place - 2 points 

3rd Place - 3 points 

2nd Place - 4 points 

1st Place - 5 points 

  • If there is a tie in team scores with multiple teams for a top five finish, we will add the point totals and divide by the number of tied teams.  By way of example, if two schools tie for 2nd and 3rd place, we add the points (4 + 3) and divide by 2 so each team will be awarded 3.5 points.  

  • There is a maximum number of track meets for which a school team can earn points during a track season. The maximum number is the total number of FIYA track & field meets offered in a season minus one. In other words, for the 2019 season, we are offering 5 track meets so a school team can earn points in its four best meets (we drop the lowest score if the school team competed in all 5 meets).

  • If there is a tie in accumulated points upon conclusion of the track season with multiple teams, the tiebreaker will be the team that competes in the MOST FIYA track and field meets in the season wins.  If the tiebreaker does not resolve the champion, there will be co-champions.