Culver City Wins 3 Set Thriller for 2016 Division 1 Volleyball Championship

Panthers hang on to defeat an excellent Magnolia Science Academy squad

Culver City's girls volleyball program is a powerhouse.  They won the first four FIYA volleyball championships and have displayed a level of play that have inspired other schools.  Last year, Culver City's championship streak was broken.  This year they have come back stronger as they had two teams in the Final Four (Culver City Blue and Culver City White).  However, both teams faced tough challenges in the semi-finals.  Culver City Blue and Chime Charter displayed power and athleticism in a closely fought game that Culver City Blue won.  Culver City White hoped to join their sister team in the championship but it had to get past undefeated Magnolia Science Academy 8.  The Lady Wolves from Bell quickly put Culver City White as well as the spectators in the gym on notice that it was ready to play as they played virtually error free volleyball to remain undefeated and beat Culver City White in two sets.

Now the two undefeated teams would battle for the 2016 FIYA Championship.  Magnolia Science Academy 8 continued its momemtum from the semi-final match as it won the first set 25-18.  The second set was a roller coaster.  First Culver City jumped out to the lead and then MSA 8 overtook them to lead 17-12.  However, the Panthers showed their volleyball experience as they remained calm and executed key plays to finally close out the second set with a 27-25 second set win.   Culver City capitalized on their new momentum and took an early lead in the third and final set.  However, the grit and determination of MSA 8 would not go away so easily and they went on a run to tie the score at 6.  The third set was full of amazing plays, creating a lot of tension amongst the spectators because a play was never over until the ball actually hit the ground.  In the end, Culver City Blue won the third set 15-13 to set off a wild celebration in one half of the gym and tears of sorrow in the other half of the gym.  While Culver City Blue won the FIYA Championship, both teams (coaches and players) showed the heart and soul of a champion.