2019 Girls VB Playoff Qualifiers

Below are the playoff qualifiers for Girls Volleyball. Congratulations to all qualifying teams! 


2019 Girls Volleyball Playoff Qualifiers





LA North

1st Place - Para Los Ninos

2nd Place - ESLA

3rd Place - Eisner

4th Place - Endeavor

5th Place - Pilgrim

LA South

1st Place - MSA Bell

Harry Bridges - 2nd Place

Orchard - 3rd Place

4th Place - Skirball


1st Place - Vaughn

2nd Place - CHIME Blue

3rd Place

Westside A

1st Place - Mark Twain Gold

2nd Place - Culver City White

3rd Place - Culver City Blue

4th Place - CITY

5th Place - Beverly Vista 8th

Westside B

1st Place - Le Lycee

2nd Place - Woodworth-Monroe

3rd Place - La Tijera

4th Place - St Anastasia

5th Place - Mark Twain SIlver

Westside C

1st Place - Visitation

2nd Place - WISH A

3rd Place - New West Green

4th Place - Ocean

5th Place - St Augustine